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My Cyprus Living is the website that contains useful information and details about Cyprus, how to buy property in Cyprus, details on local climate and weather, juristic questions that You might need to know and much more information about the island.

My Cyprus Living is not just a name, because the rhythm of life and mood of this magical island is mainly based on the culture and the way of life in the first place, woven of fates that got in their time in quite different periods of islands long and rich history. For the past 10,000 years civilization was leaving its marks on this beautiful and unique land and the traces of different cultures and eras still remain here. And today is our turn to step on this legendary land, and to gain new and great knowledge.

Our website invites you to spend some time on the overview of the island and get useful and interesting information and to become our regular visitor, because our site constantly updates and develops.

This site is created by people who live here and have reliable information about the island and know exactly what they write, because the Internet, unfortunately, has so many sites full of inaccurate facts regarding the history, legal data and other details that are copied, processed and distributed further. In our case, we try to bring the most accurate and reliable information.

My Cyprus Living shed light on different aspects of the island and it will be useful not only to those who live here, but also to those who wish to come here for a short or long stay. You will learn about the history of the island, what the weather is like, how to buy property in Cyprus and more.

In the section on Real Estate you can not only learn how to buy property in Cyprus, but also see a short list of properties in prestigious areas. When it comes to buying real estate in Europe or in any resort area, the choice is rich, but Cyprus is always a worthy challenger to all such requests.

Sincerely, Your friendly My Cyprus Living.